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Personal and academic.

Birthplace: Montevideo, Uruguay.
Spanish nationality.

High School in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Piano and music at the Conservatorio Municipal de Música de Barcelona.

Certificate of Proficiency in english. University of Michigan. USA. 1969

Diplôme de langue française. Université de

Toulouse. France. 1970.

Two years of learning German language at the Goëthe Institut in Barcelona.

Degree in Philosophy and Education (Psychology Section) Universidad Central de Barcelona. 1981.

Licensed psychologist in Barcelona, Spain. No. 2985.

Languages spoken and written


Professional experience before clinical psychology practice.


Piano and music theory teacher. 1969

English teacher in High School. Alpe School. Barcelona 1975-1979.

Interpreter of English, French, Portuguese and Catalan. 1979-1981 in conferences and congresses.

Multilingual Secretary. Barcelona City Council. 1982. World Football Cup 1982.

Work in Psychology.

Internship in clinical psychology at Psychiatry Ward at Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. 1982-1983.

Official Assistant as a clinical Psychologist at Hospital Clinico de Barcelona. 1983-1986.

Collaboration as a clinical psychologist with the Centre d'alt Rendiment esportiu St. Cugat del Vallès.

Board member at the Institut Dexeus of Barcelona. Psychosomatic Medicine Unit. 1985-1993.

Collaboration with the Committee for the prenatal study of congenital defects. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Institut Dexeus of Barcelona. 1991-1992.

Co-ordination of the Unit of Eating Disorders at the Psychosomatic Medicine Service of the Institut Dexeus.

Private practice at Hospital Quirón. Barcelona. 1993-1997.

Voluntary psychological assistance to youth in the “Vicaría de la Esperanza Joven”. 1999-2001. Santiago. Chile.

Private practice in Santiago, Chile 1999-2002.

Online therapy with videoconferencing. 2002

Director of psychology. ITAE Centre. "Centre per al tractament integral de l'ansietat i l'estrès." 2004-2005.

Private practice in Barcelona. With a group of physicians from different specialties, from 2002 to 2010.

Currently, private practice Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona (932 906436) and Torreblanca Policlinic in Sant Cugat del Vallés (935 891888).


Behavior Modification course for nurses. Official College of ATS . Barcelona, 1984.

Monographic course of psychosomatic pathology doctorate in the Department of Physiological Psychology, Faculty of Psychology at the Universidad Central de Barcelona. "Alterations of eating disorders: anorexia and bulimia." 1985.

"First conference on eating behavior." Mèdiques Academy of Sciences de Catalunya i Balears. Barcelona. 1985

Human sexuality course. Psychological Association. Delegation of Galicia. 1985.

Anorexia and bulimia." Seminar of two days duration. Medical Association. Palma de Mallorca. December 1987.

First course of behavioral medicine. Catalan Society of Psychosomatic Medicine. Coordination of the table and intervention "unhealthy eating habits." 1987.

"Emotional Impact, sociodemographic and psychopathological assessment at the prenatal diagnosis of a congenital defect." Class for the Committee for the study of birth defects of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Institut Dexeus. Barcelona. 1988.

"Anxiety disorders”. Two days workshop. Medical Association. Palma de Mallorca. 1988.

Curs II Monographic about: Health advances in psychology. "Eating disorders”. Societat Catalana de Recerca i Teràpia conductual. Barcelona. 1989.

Course II Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology. "Intervention and quality of life." Dexeus Institute auditorium. Barcelona. 1990.

Methodology of education in diabetes. "Psychological Considerations on the chronically ill." Carrasco i Formiguera Rossend Foundation. 1990.

Course III Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology. "Amenorrhea. The special case of anorexia nervosa. "Institut Dexeus. 1991.

Workshops for continuing education in clinical psychology. Centre per a la recerca I d'estudis psicològics. "Eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia i binge eating." Anxiety, panic and agoraphobia. " Barcelona. May, 1991.

Repetition of the seminars mentioned above. 1992.

Coordination of the seminar: "Hypochondriasis and obsessive compulsive disorder." With Dr. Salkovskis. Dexeus Institute auditorium. May. 1992.

Teaching in the Master in Nutrició i Ciències dels aliments. Tutor of post-graduate thesis of Dr. M.J. Martinez Obiols. Universitat de Barcelona. Divisió Ciències de la Salut. 1994

Teaching in the Masters in Clinical Psychology i de la Salut organized jointly by the Institut d'Estudis Psicològics Formació Superior and the Department of Psychology at the University of Health Sciences / The Chicago Medical School. From 1994 to 1998.

Teaching in the Graduate Nursing Gynecology and Obstetrics University School of Physiotherapy Blanquerna d'infermeria i Universitat Ramon Llull in Module “Process of Health_illness in women. " 1997.

Teacher training courses in the Continuing education “Les Heures”. Universitat de Barcelona. Fundació Bosch i Gimpera in collaboration with the Department of Psychology of Education at the Faculty of Psychology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Psychosocial Intervention in adolescence: Eating Disorders in teen agers : anorexia, bulimia. November 1997 and June 1998.

Lecturer at the Graduate School ISEP: Trastorns de l'Alimentació (Eating Disorders)
. Institut d'Estudis Psicològics Superior. ISEP Formació. 1999-2000.
Online course on obsessive-compulsive disorder. 2002.
Online course on Bulimia Nervosa. 2002.

Workshop « Viure a poc a poc ». Mindfulness. Girona. May 2009. "An attentive way to happiness.”

Conference papers
“THERAPEUTIC failures” Barcelona, 1984.
Annual meeting of Catalan Behavioural Therapy. “Research and Society. Sitges, 1985. "Subtypes of anorexia nervosa and its relationship to eating disorders."

I Congress of the Spanish Society of Biological Psychiatry. "Behavioral treatment of agoraphobia: a therapeutic proposal: Mathews, Gelder and Johnston." 1985


"Self-therapy for depression according to Rehm, applied to a group. "Barcelona. 1984.

XI National Meeting of Biological Psychiatry. "Therapeutic Cognitive-behavioral disorders, phobic anxiety without avoidance. Bio-behavioral aspects: preliminary results. "

"Bulimia: theory of biological-behavioral and cognitive techniques for treatment." Oviedo, 1985.

XXI National Meeting Spanish society of psychosomatic medicine. "Bulimia as a clinical entity. Description and treatment. " "Cognitive-behavioral techniques to prevention and treatment of obesity”. Gijón, 1985.

Behavioral Therapy meeting. Behavioral medicine in clinical practice. "Bulimia: bio-behavioral therapy." Panic attacks without avoidance: Cognitive-behavioral therapy. "Barcelona, 1986.

95th. Annual convention of the American Psychological Association. "Bulimia, Restrained eating, and depressive family history in a Catalan sample." New York, 1987.

II meeting of behavioral therapy and behavioral medicine in clinical practice. "Bulimia: A difficult decision for a decision tree." Barcelona, 1987.

XXIII Annual Meeting of the Spanish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine. "Prevention and treatment of stress, psychological techniques." Barcelona, 1987.

Symposium on Advances in the diagnosis, etiology and therapy of vomiting. Spanish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine. "Psychogenic vomiting: nosologic and therapeutic aspects." Faculty of Medicine. Reus, 1988.

IV annual meeting of the Catalan Society of Behavioral therapy and research. "Eating disorders: another addiction." Sitges. 1988.

III Meeting Behavioral therapy and behavioral medicine in clinical practice. Roundtable. “Agoraphobia the state of the art.”Barcelona. 1988.

IV Meeting Behavioral therapy and behavioral medicine in clinical practice. Roundtable moderator. Barcelona. 1989.

VII Sports psychology Conference: Roundtable. "Eating disorders in the sportist population”. Esplugues de Llobregat, 1990.

V Behavioural therapy and behavioral medicine in clinical practice. "Interoceptive conditioning in panic attacks.” Barcelona. 1990.

Workshop on eating behavior disorders. Coordinator. Autònoma Building. Barcelona. 1990.

Speaker at the Round Table “ Returning panic attack patients in emergency wards", in l'Agrupació de Ciències Mèdiques of Girona. May. 1997.

Publications in scientific journals.

Participation in the Editorial Board of the journal Psychosomatic Medicine and Journal of Sexology. 1985-1990.

"Compliance with standards in behavioral programs." Psiq Rev. Dep. Vol.XII. 199-207, 1985.
"Eating Disorders and emotion." C. Psicosoma Med. And Sex. N º O. 1985.

"Contribution of cognitive-behavioral techniques to prevention and treatment of moderate obesity." Book edited by the Spanish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine. 1985.

"An integrative therapy vision of moderate obesity".

Annals of Medicine, Barcelona, September. 1986.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy in unpredictable panic. "Letter to the Editor. Dossiers of Psychiatry. December. 1985.

"Therapeutic behavioral disorders in agoraphobic." Psyche 6 / 1985.

“Exposure of new explanatory models of anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Urgency of a more appropriate classification of eating disorders.” Journal of the Department of Psychiatry. Vol, XIII No 2 March-April 1986.

"Bulimia and affective disorder." C. Psicosoma Med. Sex. No. 3. 1987.

"The overwhelming anorexia." C. Psicosoma Med. Sex. No. 3. 1987.

"Bulimia nervosa as a clinical entity: description and therapeutic." Phronesis Vol 8 No 2. 1987.

"Obesity, the magnification of a problem. "C. Psicosoma Med. Sex. No. 7. 1988.

"Anxiety, panic and agoraphobia. Research proliferates and disagreement continues.” Dossiers of Psychiatry. No. 2. 1988.

"The Impact of prenatal diagnosis." C, Psicosoma Med. Sex. No. 9 1989.

"Contributions of behavioral science self-regulation of blood sugar in diabetic patients." C, Psicosoma Med. Sex. No. 20. 1991.

“Prevalence of eating disorders in athletes”. Journal of sport psychology. 1, 5-16. 1992.

Several articles published in medical digital magazine: in the years 2000-2001-2002

Participation in the "Encyclopedia of today's parents." Circulo de Lectores. Barcelona. June 2002.

Press releases
(Press kit) View full text of articles on website.

“The eating disorder: the disease sufferer of diets”. La Vanguardia Women. November. 1986.

"The immense fear of feeling fear”. Avui. August 26, 1990.

"The panic, a nightmare world." La Vanguardia of Barcelona. Medical Supplement and quality of life. February 1, 1991.

"Fear of Flying." La Vanguardia of Barcelona. Medical Supplement and quality of life. July 26, 1991.

"Drug Craving." La Vanguardia of Barcelona. Science and Health Supplement. October 26, 1996.

"Vain diets." La Vanguardia of Barcelona. Science and Health Supplement. January 18, 1997.

Collaborations at "El gestor” Magazine: from 1992 to 2003.

Monthly Psychology articles collaboration at Clara Magazine . Barcelona. 1993-1997.

Psychological readings for teenagers in the magazine Supermini .Group Z. From 1997 to 2002.

Monthly collaboration magazine articles for teens in Group Z. Megatop (2000 -2002).

Collaborations WEB Magazine.

Collaboration monthly magazine "Diet and health", Dietética y Salud. From 2001-2004.

Monthly collaboration in the Sunday Magazine. La Vanguardia. Barcelona. 2001 to date.

Digital Press Publications. 2001-2002

Collaboration on television and radio as invited psychologist.
Galician TV program.

TV5. Madrid. Spain. 1985.

Program "polemic" of TV3, discussion with several professionals. Barcelona, Spain. 1993.

Performances in TV3, Catalan regional television, in programs of M. Pau Huguet reporting topics of psychology. Barcelona, Spain. 1994-1997.

As an expert guest on diverse radio programs on Radio Nacional of Spain and Catalunya Radio. Barcelona, Spain.

As an expert guest on "El Puente", "Monsters of the Mind" on the obsessive-compulsive disorder. March 2002. Channel 13. Santiago, Chile.

Collaborations on "Una nit a la terra" in Catalunya Radio. 2005-2006.

As an expert guest on "Amb Ulls de dona": "Why are we so fat?” Directed by Sílvia Cóppulo in TVE 2. March 12, 2006.

Regular contributions as a psychologist in the "L'ofici de viure" (The skill of living) of Catalunya Radio, Gaspar Hernandez.

Membership associations and societies.

Societat Catalana de recerca i Behavioural therapy.
Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy. USA.
Catalan Society of Sexology.
Academy of Sciences Mèdiques de Catalunya i Balears.
Catalan Society of Psychosomatic Medicine.
Catalan Society of Psychiatry.
Catalan Society of Family Planning.
Associació de salut mental.
British Association for Behavioural and cognitive Psychotherapy. UK.
Spanish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine.

"The irresistible bulimia" Club Donna. Barcelona. January 1986.
"Anxiety, phobias and treatment." Dexeus Institute auditorium. September 1987.
"Anorexia Nervosa." Dexeus Institute auditorium. September 1988.
"The fear of not being able to manage the fear: the panic attacks”.
Institut Dexeus Auditorium. April 1990.
" Anorexia Bulimia." Institut Tècnic Eulàlia. Barcelona.
May 1994.

Participation in research work

Bulimia, Restrained eating, and depressive family history in a Catalan sample. Donald J. Woods, C. Muntaner, I. Larraburu, J. Glassman.APA.1987.

Prevalence of eating disorders in athletes. G. Perez, F. Rodriguez, E. Esteve, I. Larraburu, J. Font, V. Pons.1991.

Visits and stays of varying lengths in hospitals and universities abroad.

Dr. J. M. Fuster Department of Psychiatry. UCLA School of Medicine.
Los Angeles. EUA.1984
Dr. D. Shapiro. Neuropsychiatry Institute. UCLA. Los Angeles.
USA. 1984
Dr. Joshua S. Golden. Human sexuality program. UCLA.Los Angeles 1984
Dr. Joel Yager. Adult Outpatient Eating Disorders Program, UCLA, Los Angeles, 1984.
Dr Richard Heinrich, Behavioral Rehabilitation Research, Sepulveda Veterans Medical Center, USA. 1984.
Dr. R. P. Liberman, Rehabilitation Medicine Service, UCLA. USA. 1984.
Dr. J. Munjack, Anxiety Disorders Clinic, USC. USA. 1984
Dr. P. J. Cooper, Department of Psychiatry University of Cambridge, UK.1985.
Dr. P. de Silva, Institute of Psychiatry, Maudsley Hospital. London, England. 1985.
Dr. David M. Dr. Paul M. Clark Salkovskis. Department of Psychiatry. University of Oxford. England. 1985.
Dr. Christopher Fairburn, University of Oxford. England. 1985.
Dr. Crisp. Department of Psychiatry. St George's Hospital Medical School. England. 1985.
Prof. Dr. Gerald Russell. Institute of Psychiatry, Maudsley Hospital. UK 1985.
Professor I. Marks. Experimental psychopathology. Institute of Psychiatry. Maudsley Hospital. UK.1985.
Prof. Andrew Mathews, St George's Hospital Medical School. Department of psychology. University of London. UK 1985.
Dr. David M. Garner, Department of Psychiatry. Michigan State University USA. 1988.
Dr. David H. Barlow. Center for Stress and Anxiety Disorders. State University of New York at Albany. USA. 1988.

Activity on the Web.

• Individual psychological consultation with private "chat".
• Moderation of chat rooms on stress. 2002.
• Moderating chats on obsessive-compulsive disorder.
• Online course on obsessive-compulsive disorder. 2002.
• Online course on Bulimia Nervosa. 2002.
• Digital Media Publications. 2001-2002.
• Publications
• Publications
• Publications
• Various articles published in the journal Medicine site. 2000-2001-2002.
• Monthly moderation of a chat for children and teens of the Club Super 3, TV3, Televisió de Catalunya. 2003.

• “Eating disorders: anorexia and bulimia."
In: Adolescents in the XXI century. Editorial UOC. Barcelona. April 2003.
• Collectible Clara Sexology. "Sexology: A guide to your sexuality."
Editorial Hymsa. November 2002.
• "Mindfulness." Temas de Hoy. Ediciones Planeta. Madrid. October 2009.


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